Kaviar is indeed the first virtual brand in the world. Two virtual characters, Frankie and Marcello, are here to change the actual distorted and overpriced luxury sneakers market.

We have focused on producing the best possible sneakers for the least possible price by eliminating 3rd party retailers and it`s inherent innefficiencies as also the direct and indirect costs related to physical shops.

Creating a very efficient and direct communication from the handcrafters to the client we are able to deliver you 100% handmade high quality sneakers for less than a third of the price you would find it in a retail and phisical store.

The Designer

Born - 15st March 1988

I was born in Harlem, NY and had a difficult childhood. Since my 16 I was on my own and needed to struggle for being out of troubles in the streets. Art and fashion have been always my passion which made me keep on the right track. Luckelly I could find a job in a small clothing shop that would enlight me for the future. In January 2011, I`ve received a letter that would change my life. This letter would led me to Marcello that joined me on this adventure and mission of changing forever the luxury sneakers market.

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The Artisan

Born - 21st December 1990

Ciao! I'm from Ascoli Piceno, Italy, 150km north of Rome. I'm from a multigenarational family of cordwainers and since I remember I see my dad in the workshop immerse on shoes, “The best shoes in the whole world” he used to say. I started to work with my father since I was 14 but never felt trully realized on the type of shoes I was doing all day long. In February 2011 I had a visit from an american guy called Frankie that together with a Vespa trip on early 2012 across North Italy made me start this adventure.

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